Finnish Sauna
The traditional and most common type of sauna found in commercial hydrotherapy circuits, Finnish Saunas are typically wood clad with two or three levels of benches. Finnish Saunas are one of the hottest therapy cabins. A sauna stove or oven heats specially sourced stones that radiate heat through the cabin.

Temperature: 80°C – 100°C (180°F – 220°F)
Humidity: 10%
Duration: 8min – 15 min

Bio Sauna
Bio saunas offer a lower temperature than the traditional Finnish sauna. Ideal for those who cannot stand the high heat and humidity of the traditional sauna, a Bio sauna offers warmth that is not overwhelming.

Temperature: 60°C (140°F)
Humidity: 60%
Duration: 20min – 30min

Herbal Bath
Herbal trays located above the sauna oven release soothing aromas into the chamber. Herbs present in the environment have a variety of effects on the body as they are both inhaled and absorbed through the skin.

Temperature: 60°C (140°F)
Humidity: 60%
Duration: 20min – 40min

Infrared Sauna
The least hot of all sauna types, Infrared Saunas deliver heat through natural electromagnetic radiation. This type of heat warms the body directly without warming the air, where traditional saunas warm the air to then warm the body.

Temperature: 35°C (99°F)
Humidity: 30%
Duration: 25min – 40min