Professional Wellness


A tailor made, dry heat treatment room, saunas are considered a staple in any commercial hydro thermal circuit. Designed to flow seamlessly with the concept of the area, Bradford saunas are custom engineered to meet the highest safety and hygienic standards. Evolution of the classic Finnish sauna has produced a variety of sauna styles that vary in temperature, humidity and heat delivery.


Radiant heat and high humidity create a steamy environment that promotes a variety of health benefits. Steam Rooms are designed and engineered with proper ventilation and precise climate control to meet and exceed hygienic standards. Our precise wall fabrication and assembly technique ensures maximum room efficiency.


A warm thermal room, Hammam’s are derived from the original Roman bath houses. The focal point of a Hammam is the heated belly stone, traditionally located in the center of the room, where bathers receive treatments. Prefabricated walls, ceilings and benches ensure the construction of these large, heated spaces is executed with the upmost precision.


Warm relaxation areas provide bathers a place rest on heated benches and loungers after or in between treatments. Designers work closely with our team to make these spaces unique retreats that blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment.


Rasul’s are used to host a traditional Arabic body cleanse where the body is coated in a mineral-rich Moroccan mud. This treatment us used to exfoliate the skin and draw impurities from the body. Typically followed by a steam room treatment and warm water rinse, Rasul chambers feature heated seating and rely on strict humidity control to keep the treatment materials moist.


The drastic change in temperature from a warm to cold environment produces a variety of health benefits for the body. Cold rooms can be as simple or complex as the environment specifies. Air conditioning, humidity control, and ventilation are essential to the functionality of a cold room.


An engaging and soothing incorporation of lighting, audio, and aroma choreographed in a truly unique shower experience. Design and engineering expertise combined with water saving technologies enable the delivery of a high volume, high output shower. Waterfalls, rainheads, misters, and body jets add to the multi-sensory experience. Highly customizable, Experience Showers can include a touch screen with preprogrammed experiences.


Kneipp Therapy typically features two wading paths; a warm path followed by a cold path. Designed to promote circulation, Kneipp walks sometimes feature textured basin, designed to provide therapy through reflexology.


Water features, pools and hot tubs along with their derived health benefits are very important elements for any hydrothermal circuit. Bradford’s vessels are fully customizable and designed to fit any treatment, environment or circuit. Vessels can feature therapies that include massage jets, water features, loungers, custom seating arrangements, and depths. All hygienic, safety and ADA requirements are carefully accounted for and precisely implemented.


In addition to the thermal and water features of a day spa, the relaxation areas are one of the most essential and visible amenities of a day spa. Design opportunities are endless. Everything from the style and configuration of seating to delicate aromas and captivating light and sound will be carefully considered.


Bradford partners with the leaders of spa treatment equipment to provide the highest quality treatment solutions on the market. Contact Bradford for additional information on Special Equipment.