Classic Finnish Sauna
The Classic Finnish Sauna is the most popular sauna in use and also the hottest. Typically clad in wood with multiple levels of bench seating.

Temperature: 180˚F (80˚C) to 220˚F (100˚C)
Humidity: 10%
Duration: 8min – 15min.

Bio Sauna
This kind of sauna offers a lower temperature and it is commonly enjoyed by women and the elderly.

Temperature: 140˚F (60˚C)
Humidity: 60%
Duration: 20min – 30min.

Infrared Sauna
The least hot of all saunas, infrared saunas create inner body heat without contact to the skin or warming the air in the cabin.

Temperature: 99˚F (35˚C)
Humidity: 30%
Duration: 25min – 40min.